The simple, straight forward and secure verification of your personal data.

What is e-Identifikation?

e-Identifikation is the simple and secure online-service to check if data you used for registration at a web-shop is correct and verify your identity without a doubt.


How does the e-Identifikation work?

You have decided to purchase goods or services at a web-shop and therefore register at this merchant with your personal data.
To enable the operator of the web-shop to verify your identity or your age, you will be redirected to the online-banking of your bank in the ongoing ordering-process.
At the online-banking you log in as usual and your personal data is presented to you. Simply confirm the data and you as well as the merchant receive a confirmation. After that you are able to continue with the ordering-process.

Which benefits does e-Identifikation offer?

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Without media-discontinuity or any delays an operator of a web-shop is able to verify your identity or your age.

Because of that you will receive ordered goods earlier or make use of ordered services immediately. Since e-id is based on the infrastructure of the online-banking of your bank you use a well known and trusted environment.

Furthermore it uses highest security-measures to protect your personal data from access by third parties. And last but not least the service is free of charge.