ems via online-banking

ems via online-banking

By using ems you can authorize different institutions to debit your account for outstanding bills.

By authorizing an e-Mandate it is only possible for this specific institution to debit your account, that you gave permission to.

Without interupting the order-process at an insurance-company, telephone-provider, supplier and such, you are able to revocable authorize these suppliers to charge your account with outstanding claims.

Because ems is based on the online-banking-system of your bank the authorization takes place within an outmost secure and trusted environment, which you already know from your usual electronic banking transactions.

Advantages of ems-Lastschrift

There is no additional registration or insertion of access codes needed.
ems is based on the online-banking-systems of the banks.
No additional costs will arise.
You will never be asked to give your Online Banking credentiels to some third party.