OpenCart eps-Überweisung Module Installation

The eps-Überweisung payment module for OpenCart allows you to easily integrate the eps-Überweisung payment system into your OpenCart installation.
OpenCart is a free webshop solution for easy setup and management of an online store. The software allows users without programming knowledge to create a professional-looking and intuitive shop and set up new articles and manage detailed product information or set up different interfaces for payment with few clicks. OpenCart Webshop Installation is offering great possibilities for a smal bussinesses with first time webshop setup, as well as for larger retailers and brand companies.

The eps payment system enables the guaranteed processing of the payment of your web shop products and services on the Austrian as well as on the German market and without much technical effort. If your customer pays via eps you will receive an immediate payment confirmation. Notice: At the moment only OpenCart version 3.x is supported. In order to use this module, you need merchant credentials which you will receive after signing a merchant contract with one of the, Acquirer from our contact Page.

Module - Installation Guideline:

Preparation: Please download and extract the module installation file.

zip.png Opencart 3.x - eps-Überweisung Payment Extension 1.0.2 HOT
eps payment modul for OpenCart Webshop Software
Notice: At the moment only OpenCart version 3.x is supported.

Installation guideline
License GNU/GPL link_extern.gif Date 2017-09-25 File Size 291.09 KB Download 10,563 Download

Two files are extractedfFrom the zip file:

The integration of eps-transfer is done in two steps:

1. Module Installation.

Log into Opencart Admin Area:

Admin login

Navigate to menu item Extensions -> Installer and click on upload:

Browse to the folder where you have extracted the zip file, select the file and click on Open.

The file will be uploaded and installed.

 Navigate to menu item Extensions -> Extensions und and choose Payment methods as filter Option.

Scroll down until you see the eps-Überweisung module and click on the green plus (+) icon to activate the module.

After module activation, you can enter the required parameters. Click on the blue symbol to edit the module configuration.

Enter your merchant credentials, set the Status option to Active and save the settings.
Note: We also offer you the possibility to test the eps-transfer module installation (test mode) without having to make real transactions. For more information, please contact us by filling out the Support-Form.

The first step is completed.

2. Upload of support files

In a second step, the support files must be uploaded to the server.
Extract the file After that, the folder structure should look like this:

Open an FTP program and connect to your webshop server.
If you have moved the folder "storage" outside the "www" or "public_html" folder (Security popup in Admin as of version upload the "vendor" folder (with all subfolders and files) into your "new" folder "storage folder.

If the "storage" folder is in the "Opencart_Root_Folder \ system": Upload the "system" folder (with all subfolders and files) to the main folder of your OpenCart installation.

After all files and folders are uploaded, you can test the eps-Überweisung payment in your webshop.